If You're Not the One

if you're not the one for me who is?


we met when the world was chaos.

two souls coming together,

I believe it was destined but u thought it was a curse.


it didn't matter how hard I try 

u would never see me the same way I did to you.

for me, u were my whole world

but to you, i was just another girl

another girl who would kill for u to be happy

another girl who would do anything for u

but for me u wouldnt even move a finger


u were no longer my happiness and u became my pain

the pain that would keep me up all night crying and thinking what went wrong

the pain that would cause me to think i wasnt enough


and u were right i wasnt enough and i knew that 

but when u realize i was the one

you were no longer the one for me


so to my dear person

dont u worry because

if we are destined together 

our souls would know how to get back together

and if you're not the one for me someone else would be

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