Next up - One Amazing UnCamp Wknd!

Thanksgiving Wknd -Fri thru Sun
at the Jersey Shore
 Nov 29-Dec 1, 2019

Not your mother's Jewish summer camp
for Jewish high school teen girls.

Stay tuned for Summer Dates

We are the Jewish UnCamp!

We're a judgment-free zone for independent thinking Jewish high school teen girls like you.

THE place for straight talk and eye-opening Jewish learning about the things that matter most to you.

We're a creative hub for non-conformists and fun-lovers.

A second home where you'll find your new best friends from all over the world.

Summer UnCamp
2020 TBA

If you want to make this summer really count, bring a healthy dose of curiosity, an open mind and a sense of adventure. We don't call it the UnCamp for nothing.

Pics & Videos

Hundreds of pictures worth millions of words. Fan videos and interviews. Lasting impressions written by alum. The UnCamp’s 15 minutes of fame. It’s all together in one place for your viewing pleasure.


Generous scholarships are available from the Crain-Maling Foundations and generous women who want you to have a first-rate Jewish experience. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? Find out how to get the help you need.

UnCamp UnBlog

If you don't end up coming this summer (ouch!), at least you can enjoy UnCamp vicariously by following the unblog.

Too old for UnCamp?

Check out what's next for college students, single moms and women of all ages.

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