Meet your new best friends. Discover your hidden gifts and talents. Be a prouder, smarter Jew.

Jewish UnCamp is a Jewish summer camp for independent thinking Jewish high school girls, ages 16-19.

3 weeks of eye-opening Jewish learning with brilliant educators and a team of spirited counselors.

Breathtaking outdoor trips for fun-lovers.

Out-of-the-box creative art workshops for the non-conformist in you.

Priceless new friendships with girls from all over the world.

Keep reading to see more of what’s on the agenda.


"I met so many awesome Jewish girls from all over the world and we’re so close now. I feel so lucky."    – Julie from Texas

FREE with scholarship-but you must sign up ASAP to be eligible!

Great ideas, great people, the great outdoors.

Come hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, biking, horseback riding and swimming with us.

Don't miss the late-night cook-fests, drumming and campfires, talent shows, graphology, challah baking, delicious kosher food and 3 magical Shabbats.

And get your questions ready - we'll be in the lounge where lively discussions on the things that matter most to teen girls, happen daily.

This summer UnCamp goes to the Buxton School in Williamstown, Massachusetts. The campus, a 120-acre, former estate nestled in the beautiful Berkshires of western Massachusetts, boasts a theater, modern art studio, three dormitories with New England charm, and scenic mountain views.

Scroll down to see What's On The Agenda

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What's on the agenda at UnCamp

What does it mean to be a Jew today and why should I care?

How should we respond to anti-semitism?

What does Judaism say about love, technology and culture, gender issues and world peace?

What are our responsibilities to ourselves, our families and to others?

The Jewish UnCamp is your chance to explore life’s big questions through the lens of Judaism.

And with over three thousand years of Jewish wisdom to tap into, it’s going to be a fascinating few weeks.

At the UnCamp you’ll find out what love really means. What the nature of the soul is.

What to do about anxiety, sadness and feelings of insecurity. Why Jewish medical ethics is more important today than ever. How understanding the human psyche can prevent a lot of heartache.

What Jews believe. What the secret to Jewish dating is. Why we keep kosher. What dreams mean. How faith, free will and reincarnation are connected.

Why Jews have kept Shabbat through thick and thin. What the key to happiness is. What about other religions. Why bad things happen to good people. And more, much more.

At the nightly Q&A session, no topic is off limits. This isn’t someone else’s agenda, it’s yours.


Who comes?

Are you open-minded and adventurous?

Did you have an awesome time at the CTeen Shabbaton? Are you part of a Jewish club, like USY, NCSY or BBYO? Did you go on Heritage Quest?

Are you looking for MORE – more learning, more connections, more fun?

If you answered yes to any of this, and you're a Jewish high school girl between 16 and 19, Jewish UnCamp is right for you.

You don’t need any background in Jewish studies (just some genuine curiosity) and you don’t need to come with a friend because you’re going to make plenty when you’re with us. Check out our pics to see what that looks like.

And did we mention – it’s girls only. That's because when girls get together, we bond instantly. We understand each other. There's no judgment, no pretending and no one's trying to impress anyone. You're going to love that.

LIfe jacket
2 girls

"I learned more in 3 weeks here than I did in 10 years of school. It was like a crash course on Judaism and Life."   

  – Jenn from Washington

Art & More

Ceramics. Acrylics. Collage. Stained glass. Watercolor. Multi-media. Roll up your sleeves, make a mess and have a good time with it. Our art teacher has a philosophy about this. Art helps us make choices and identify personal limitations. When to take control, when to let go, and how to step back to behold the resulting beauty. Heady existential stuff. You’ll like it.

Graphology Hand-writing Analysis.  Can someone really know you through your handwriting? Can you get to know yourself better? Can you change your personality? Stay tuned: an expert graphologist can know more about you than you think.


"I met the best people and learned so much. Coolest summer ever!" – Abigail from Portland


Apply Now.

Application Fee: $50

Full 3-Week Session: $3600

For more information about scholarships, check off the option for scholarships on your application. If you need a deferred payment plan or financial assistance, please call our office at (718) 604-0088 or email

Got questions? Want to hear more? Email us or call 718.604.0088  – we’d love to hear from you!

Health & Safety Rules

To attend Jewish UnCamp you must have:

Negative PCR test taken with 3 days of travel
Positive antibody test
Full vaccination

Jewish UnCamp is drug and alcohol free (except for wine on Shabbat).

"I can't wait to go back. I want to be in a place where I get to really think."      – Esther from Denmark

They're smart, insightful and funny and only want the best for you.

Meet this summer's staff.


Rabbi Manis Friedman

Rabbi Friedman’s nightly not-to-be-missed Q&A is your chance to ask your big questions about life and to get answers that actually make sense. This rabbi’s got it down.


Aarah Aizman

Leave behind everything you thought you knew about art and artists. Aarah is more coach than instructor. She wants to see you experiment and explore – not strive for perfection.

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