Attn Jewish Teen Girls!
Summer plans canceled by corona?
You can still have a BREAKOUT summer!

Countdown to Jewish UnCamp Summer 2020
Session 2 | July 6-10

It's not too late to sign up and catch session 2!


Just because your vacation was canceled by corona...doesn't mean you have to have a boring summer.

You can still hang out with the cool kids. 

And have a life-changing BREAKOUT Jewish summer.    

Session 1: Your Identity | June 29-July 3, 2020
Session 2: Your Mission | July 6-10, 2020

What is the Jewish UnCamp?

A judgment-free zone

For independent thinking Jewish high school girls like you.

Welcome mug

At Virtual UnCamp, you'll make one-of-a-kind connections with girls from around the world.

Get unprecendented access to the best and brightest Jewish minds around.

And have life-changing experiences you literally won't find anyplace else. 

Because your identity and your mission are on the agenda -

We'll talk about what true love means. What to do to prevent anxiety and heartache. How to be a best friend. And how to make a real difference in the world, starting today.

On the Agenda
at Virtual UnCamp

You'll meet an artist, a breadbaker, a slam poet, a personal trainer, a fashion consultant, a Chassidic drummer, the Chabad emissary to China, a Jewish woman from Montana who stood up to neo-nazis - and a team of A-List Jewish educators, one of whom is youtube's most popular rabbi.

You'll be part of a poetry slam and talent show. Help make a movie. Learn to keep kosher wherever you find yourself. Become a more informed Jew.

Check out the schedule.

You're in for more than a few surprises.

Meet Dynah and Atara

Overheard at Virtual UnCamp

 I gained so so much from just one day!

UnCamp is the best thing in the world. Period.

I feel like I gained a family.

Sunrise in Israel.
The moment you realize you totally lost track of time listening to Q&A.

I have a feeling the groups are all gonna
be so good I'm not gonna be able to decide where to go.

Sign up for Session 2 of Virtual UnCamp.

Above all, do not miss out!

They're smart, insightful and funny and only want the best for you.

Meet this summer's staff.


Rabbi Manis Friedman

Don’t miss Rabbi Friedman’s epic Q&A, your chance to get answers that actually make sense. He covers it all, from love to technology, from anxiety to free will, from our souls to world peace and justice.


Aarah Aizman

Leave behind everything you thought you knew about art and artists. Aarah is more coach than instructor. She wants to see you experiment and explore – not strive for perfection.


Shifra Sharfstein

Shifra’s the unstoppable co-director of Chabad at Georgia Tech and State. A passionate teacher who’ll give you pointers for making mitzvos real and doable, wherever you are.

Manya 2

Manya Lazaroff

Working on your attitude? Let Manya, from Chabad at Texas A&M, be your guide. She’s fun and insightful, and she’ll show you how the attitude of gratitude starts the moment you wake up.

Rochel Flikstein

Rochel Flikshtein

Rochel’s got a way of helping each of us find our own personal and meaningful connection to Judaism. She co-directs Delaware CTeens and has mentored teens around the world.


Itty Kay

Itty Kay

Itty’s our guide for the week – taking us from one discussion, workshop, class or performance to another. If you like to think out of the box, don’t miss her the first half hour of every day.  


Plural for Madricha (counselor) – they’re part big sister, part guide while you’re in Virtual UnCamp and probably long after. You’ll meet them in chats in and out of class, on topics that you choose.  Throughout the day, they’re the people you’ll connect with…who’ll help you connect with others.  


Leah Ali

Leah is a proud UnCamp alum of 2015. She was trained by a master color palette analyst in styling the four seasons and now has her own business as a fashion consultant and personal shopper. 

Mushkie Aber

Mushkie is a certified personal trainer who is passionate about helping women feel strong. Mushkie works with clients one-on-one and offers virtual group classes as well.

Dini Freundlich

Dini is the co-director of Chabad of Beijing, China, where together with her husband she meets the needs of a multifaceted community of businesspeople, diplomats, tourists and backpackers. 

Liwen Yaakoby

Liwen is a serial software entrepreneur who founded two software ventures. She's a former Morgan Stanley executive with 25 years of IT experience managing global scale products and platforms. 

Dalia Shusterman

Dalia is a Chassidic drummer and founder of the all-women’s band, The New Moon All Stars. She and her bandmates make music – a mix of Chassidic flair, Sephardic flavor, twists of jazz, bossa nova and French café - to uplift the women of the world.

Zeissa Kugel

Zeissa is a many-times over Bais Chana alum who believes in joy, the power of words, and everyday miracles. She's our Spoken Word and Slam Poetry coach and mentor. 

Rachel Udkoff

Rachel is an artist and Interior Architectural Designer specializing in Mikvaot. She's inspired by Kabbala and incorporates this mystical dimension of Torah in her multi-media designs. Prepare to be amazed. 

Bassie Rosenbaum

Bassie is a film-maker and teacher. She's got a personality test with a twist that will teach you some surprising things about who you are and who you can become.

Brochie Mishulovin

Brochie is our moderator and guide for week 1. She's a veteran UnCamp madricha, who has a great grasp of the big ideas we'll be talking about and a passion for making them real and relevant to teens. 

Emanuella Boroda

Emanuella is a proud UnCamp family member since 2013. She lives in Jerusalem where she studies psychology, teaches Torah and eats too much chocolate. She's married all of 4 weeks. 

Sammi Merenfeld

Sammi is a self-taught sourdough baker who started her own business called SammiBakesBread, all in the pursuit of removing the stigma that it’s harder to take care of a starter than yourself. 

What About Cost?
You choose.

You choose what to pay: $180, $250 or $540 per week. No matter what you choose, you're welcome to attend as much as you want.

Need financial assistance? Don't wait - email info now.

For your online safety, you must sign up. If you have a discount code, enter it on the payment page. 

Once you're all signed up, you can expect email login details the night before each week starts. 

Need financial assistance in order to come? Would a payment plan work? Prefer to send a check? Need a scholarship? Email info@ and we'll get back to you right away.

Sign up by June 22, and watch your mailbox for UnCamp swag.

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