Jewish UnCamp Summer Application

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Recommendation Information 

Please provide the name and contact information for the person who is going to write your letter of recommendation, such as a teacher, employer, or adult friend (not your parent). 

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Next you will have the opportunity to review your application.  When you click confirm, you will be directed to the payment page. Have your credit card ready, your $50 application fee must be paid now in order for your application to be complete. You can also make full or partial payment on the program and bus fees.
Summer UnCamp Fees
Application Fee - $50 (Must be paid with your application in order for it to be complete)
Program Fee - $2,999
Transportation (from airport to campsite, and return) - $80 (Must be paid before camp in order to reserve a seat on the bus)

If you need a deferred payment plan, please email or call 718.604.0088.
If you checked Yes to the Scholarship question, you will receive the Scholarship Application by email.