Campers, corn fields, and cuddling…oh my!

Here at Un-Camp, we somehow managed to gather the 30 cutest human beings on the planet together for a three week adventure. It’s a pretty fantastic feat.

So let’s meet one of these lovely ladies:

Say hello to Shirly G., who hailed all the way from Atlanta, GA!


What made you come to Un-Camp this summer, Shirly?

I wanted to get closer to Judaism, to understand why we do certain things and why it matters. I also wanted to meet other girls and make new friends.

So what are some of your hobbies?

I love listening to music, but now, I’m obsessed with watercolor painting! I’m so glad we got to try it out here.

What else do you feel like you got to try out at camp, or maybe something you learned that you never knew before?

I learned that your soul-mate is predestined before you’re born. I always knew everything happens for a reason and by a plan, but that’s amazing! No stress!

It’s definitely nice to know that things are being taken care of! Now, last question- what has your favorite part of Un-Camp been?

Trips, for sure. Like Wal-Mart. Wait, no, maybe not Wal-Mart… Exploring town [Decorah, IA] was a blast; it’s so different here!

Different, it is. The pace is slower, the skies are bluer, and the grass may even be greener. Seriously, look at this view:

In other news, as per usual, we’ve been quite busy this week. Bonding, discovering, questioning- you name it.

We spent time hanging out and giggling away,

made our way  into a cave 250 ft. underground,

did whatever this happens to be,

took color and glaze to our clay creations,

got a little closer,

then closer still,

until we practically became one,

and that was surely time well spent.

Catch you soon, ladies and gents! Try not to miss us too much!


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