Hello Vancouver Island!

(Dalya Holder Photography: www.facebook.com/dalyaorliphoto, Insta: dalyaorliphotography)

Welcome to our beautiful home for the next 3 weeks, where everyday we wake up to this!

The past few days have been packed with fun activities, bonding friends, and too many laugh attacks. But like we all know — pictures speak louder than words!

Day 1:

Fun airport pickup, ferry ride to the island, and some getting to know you games!

Day 2:

Our first tanya class with Rabbi Friedman, a hike to see the beauties of our backyard, and clay with the best art teacher, Aarah! (And of course, some spontaneous dance parties).

Day 3:

A big day packed with a 5:30AM wake up, tree climbing, zip lining, and canoeing. Then, preps for our favorite day of the week — Shabbat!

And now…pre-Shabbat pictures!!

(Don’t we have the cutest counselors?!?)


But nothing can beat the beauty of Shabbat! Lots of games, gatherings, and an afternoon walk — we had ample amount of time to bond and laugh.

After a long, restful day, we showed what we were made of in Grand Masterchef: UnCamp Edition!

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