A short tour of my head, or why I love uncamp


Eleven entities 


Dance around me





The world behind my eyelids is a magical place


And yet

I must tread carefully 

For the maze of colours

Is not one

I can easily escape

Once it’s ensnared me



Lie behind

All the



Is not a trap

That so easily

Lets go of its prey


My mind

Is a powerful place

Equally great 

And terrible


Every day

I find numerous new doorways

Some leading to spaces so captivating 

Universes I could spend lifetimes in

If only my weak human body would allow me


To just lay here and enjoy all that my mind has to offer

My skull is a chest

Filled with treasure only I could ever see


She feels like 

old leaves in autumn sometimes, never quite 

settling in one spot before

drifting in to the next. 

Sometimes I wonder 

if she could hold on to one space 

what it would be. 

What she could be. 

 If she could ever be 

more than just a cloud, 

letting things pass through and over and under, 

taking everything in and 

exhaling it out all in one breath. 

One day she’s a storm over the pacific and then 

all of a sudden 

she’s the littlest hobbit in the shire. 

Sometimes she lingers, but rarely for long. 

I too often wonder (worry?) if she will ever find a place in the world. 

Her own place 

in these wide, infinite universes. 

More likely she’ll just keep on rolling, past all the 

greens and blues, 

passionate about everything at least once, 

never missing a beat. 

Her eyes will have seen so much, and yet... 

I wonder... 

what it might be like to be a tree, 

roots and trunk and all of my leaves 

anchored in one solid place, 

whispering to the breeze as it passes, 

happy in a little universe I will 


not exist in.

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