Flies of Freedom

A fly, buzzing around the room

She exists because of her sound

For if she emitted no hum, 

Who would know she is there?

Your thoughts consume her noise 

A swipe of the hand and she leaves for a moment 

When she returns, the buzzing continues

However the busying continues as well

Until the fly lands on your arm

And all of a sudden, her noise consumes your thoughts 

Now, the fly is more than a sound

Now, the fly is the sensation

Now, the fly is real. 


There is a problem in this country 

It exists because of its outcries

For if no one cried out about it,

Who would know it was there?

You don’t pay attention 

Your thoughts consume it's noise

And go back to your banal routine

That doesn’t remove the issue

The outcries are now louder than ever

However your cycle remains uninterrupted

Until the problem reaches your town

Now, the problem is more than a sound

Now, the problem is the sensation 

Now, the problem is real. 


Trayvon Martin, Florida 

Elijah McClain, Colorado

Breonna Taylor, Kentucky

George Floyd, Minnesota

Robert Fuller, California

Malcolm Harsch, California

Toyin Salau, Florida

Riah Milton, Ohio

Dominique Fells, Pennsylvania


These souls and many more souls should have been significant to me beyond the outcries of their destruction which so disturbed my selfish, mundane existence

It wasn’t until the death of

Marcus Carr, Nevada

Evil Inclination

I dream of what I can become 

But never face reality and overcome 

My life is nothing but horror 

Which I am told to live and fight with honor 

With what do I fight is what I fear 

Without swords or shields? 

I have a shell which traces my figure 

Telling me what to do and I quiver 

My lip as I am not fond of being told 

What to do or what to hold 

In this hand which I call mine 

But really is from the great divine 

I fantasize of being older 

Will I still remember

What it's like to be a bas melech 

Or will I surrender 

My sword my shield, will they leave my side? 

Is it possible to lose pride? 

And faith in God 

Wait, where has my mind gone? 

I'm here aren't I 

Have I skipped my life in one moment 

I have a mind that will always be opened 

To the world in which I breathe 

But that's not what I preach

I say bless the Lord 

But the rock inside me still burns 

With envy that I take into my urn 

"When will it die?"

Is what I rely 

But it may be a lie 

Within me within others 

That we fight with

To hold up our heads 

High with jealousy 

And overlooking 

Please just get out if me 

There's only one of me 

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