Love: Hold Me

     The writing's on my heart.... They pump, they pound -- pounding on the walls of my chest. Insistent to break through, break free! Freedom from the binding fear that lies there! Freedom, the one thing that is so useless to me by itself. I more afraid than anything else. Afraid of love, afraid to be held and consoled. Don't hurt me! Please! Don't take my heart and go,💔2 like so many others have before you.... I'm scared... I'm petrafied.... I'M PARALYZED WITH THE SHEER FORCE OF IT!! Why?! I'm crying, I'm crying, hoping that one day you'll be here when I fall. I am strong, but even strong people need their special someone too... Actually, I would say even more so, because if you're always the strong one, then who's being strong for you? If you're always catching the falling, then who's catching you when you're falling? Who's holding me when I need to be loved, and cherished, and held as if there's no one else in the world for you... But me -- because there's isn't. And we both know it. You love me, and I love you. That's how it is in this relationship. That's what I crave for in a man.... I crave for that moment... When I fall, and you catch me, and hold me till I'm crying my heart out, and until there's nothing left that's wrong in the world. 

    Because you're here... You're finally here. And the best part about it is -- ur not going anywhere -> and neither am I, for you. I want to be there for you too. I want to give you that... Please let me me give you that. 

 Life has a funny way of doing things, I just hope we, I... Am part of that funny way. Bringing me straight to you.

(💔>❤️ A broken heart to a full heart... the process of love.)



I am nature,

Nature is me.

Why is mother?

Why is nature?

Why is Mother Nature……….. Mother Nature?

Why does she do what she does?


That is a question that cannot be answered,

But that can be understood through this moment of clarity that I now lay before you.


The wind blows on the ocean surface,

Causing a wave to lapse gently against the sandy beach.

In its wake a sea turtle,

A mother about lay her eggs.

She lands ashore with some grace and more.


She starts to lay her nest, 

And weeks later her heart and mind are at rest.

Out at sea,

At last free.

Letting her children grow, 

Fated to be on their own.


Like ice cracking on an early spring morning,

So will it be that life emerges from those ingenious prisons,

Made to hold and preserve the light, the beauty, a whole world in itself,

Of the beings dwelling inside, 

Until the right time.


As this occurrence comes to be,

A child watches eyes wide as she sees.

The light, the beauty, emerging from the scrutiny, it’s absurd.

Why should they be trapped in these delicate, yet inescapable cages?

Why do they have to be destined for a life before life,

Unable to do as they please.


I am nature,

I am mother nature,

And nature is me.


And that…is a question not even I can truly answer.

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