The Hold Back of Tears

The hold back of tears 


The trying to be strong or, 


The unableness to let go. 


The sky turns to dark the air becomes so humid the need to cry is trying to push through whatever might be in it's way.


The first signs of cracking escape with a flash and a boom 


gds letting himself relax


letting those raw hard emotions be felt and expressed. 


naturally, the tears flow slowly.


And then without too much of a warning everything unpours all of the things gd's been holding back unfolds the rain, the tears just keeps on pouring and pouring out... 


I stand there trying to hold gds hand


be there with him while he lets go of the pain that we experience down here. 


From The pain of the lack of trust that he knows what whats best. 


I take a deep breath as I observe what's happening around me. 


The pain filled raindrops as they drop on my skin 


The mighty powerful wind blowing all in it's way. 


The bright flash of lighting and the loud crash of thunder. 


The people running to the calmness of the indoors. 


so much is happening


I take deep breath.


I see the small leaves holding on to their branches with their tiny hands 

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