What makes AN UNcamp?


Here’s the discussion from last night’s class, sparked by what seemed like a pretty simple question:

Q: If G-d is all around us, why can’t we see Him?

A: G-d isn’t hiding to be difficult. If G-d didn’t hide, we would have lost interest a long time ago. G-d’s hiding because He wants to be heard and understood – not seen.

The same is true about us. It’s normal that the real you is hidden, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Because you’re hidden, I have to get to know you. To get you know you deeply, I have to listen carefully.

But if you give yourself away, that spoils everything. Because the more I see of you, the more I think I know you.

Very beautiful people, very kind people – they suffer because of this. It’s hard to get to know them because we’re distracted by what we think we know.

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