The Secret Sunshine Club

image You can call us the Sunshine Girls. It may have been the first time we met, but we weren’t strangers. Yellow members of the SSC (Secret Sunshine Club), we spotted our club members (fellow yellow-wearers) an airport terminal away.

image This Sunshine Club is anything but exclusive. We arrived and quickly befriended all the other colors that were dying (HA) to be included in the tie dying of our DIY fringed handbags.


Golden hour! When the (yellow) sun began its descent, we gathered ’round on the soft grass to share our life story in 60 seconds. Then, we held appointments and every “hour”, on the hour, we met with another fellow camper to discuss our fears, dreams and reckless moments.


What’s a Thursday night without challah baking? (Hint: Un-Cool.) Solution: Bake challah. So we did. We kneaded, rolled, and learned how to make those professional six braids we always wished we could.

We wrapped up the night with a class with Rabbi Friedman and a question left hanging: Is there meaning in life that can be constant throughout? “Life is the opportunity to have an effect on the world.” But how? Let’s talk about it.

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