Summer 2015

See You Later

On Tuesday, we were sugar addicts pulled over to the side of the road, licking the last few teaspoons of our pint-sized carton of ice cream, wistfully dreaming of more. On our last trip day, we did things we’ve tasted before. Clear skies mirrored in clear water. Acrylic paintbrushes dabbing expertly on blank canvases. Soft […]

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Magical Days

Good morning Bais Chana! This past Friday was the preparation for all things wonderful. Devorah Leah and Rivky’s entrance into a new year of life. Bonfire-inspired phone bucket challenge (let’s call it #PBC), and the initiation of our phones into a weekend of captivity. A sizeable amount of us committed to handing in our phones on Friday

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———————————Our Week In Review———————————

Ready? Let’s get to it. Friday was a let’s-loosen-up-with-nature-and-connect-to-our-souls day. Soulful connection being optional, but impossible to resist. We biked and then hiked down a winding trail, surrounded by the rushing sound of the Minnehaha Falls, the wind softly ruffling our feathers (hair) and the muted chirping of birds the background music to our quiet

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Saying Hello

So many trees. So much blue sky. And the twisting, winding roads that are always merging the two. Minnesota is warm now, but not too warm. The people here are filling in with a cozy friendliness that sticks to skin far longer (and far more pleasantly) than sweat does. Lubavitch House is empty–the hungry kind of

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