Busy Days Discovering Nature and Ourselves

By Hinda Leah Sharfstein |

Hi, you. Come. Today, you’re joining us. Get on the school bus. Tuck your legs underneath you. Today, we’re going to have The Outdoor Experience. We split up into three groups–kayaking, rock climbing, and horse care–and did The Outdoor Rotation.  Led by a bright eyed, passionate instructor, we were guided through a kayaking tour of …

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Tall Trees and a Whole Lotta Paint

By Hinda Leah Sharfstein |

No cellphone service. No direction but a flimsy paper map and sparse road signals. Worldly trekkers, we spent our Wednesday hiking 5 miles through Savanna Portage State Park. (Refer to photos when words do not suffice.) P.S. This was pre hike. The background cars will disappear. The beauty of the park can not be attributed solely to the …

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Magical Days

By Hinda Leah Sharfstein |

Good morning Bais Chana! This past Friday was the preparation for all things wonderful. Devorah Leah and Rivky’s entrance into a new year of life. Bonfire-inspired phone bucket challenge (let’s call it #PBC), and the initiation of our phones into a weekend of captivity. A sizeable amount of us committed to handing in our phones on Friday …

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A Trip To Town And Country Living

By Hinda Leah Sharfstein |

At 11 AM on Wednesday morning, our bus came r o l ling in (take note of the foreshadowing, please) and we hopped on, country girls clutching our lunch bags for an adventure to town. Windows pulled open, doors pulled shut, we followed the trail (road) until there was none left to follow (when the GPS announced our arrival) …

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———————————Our Week In Review———————————

By Hinda Leah Sharfstein |

Ready? Let’s get to it. Friday was a let’s-loosen-up-with-nature-and-connect-to-our-souls day. Soulful connection being optional, but impossible to resist. We biked and then hiked down a winding trail, surrounded by the rushing sound of the Minnehaha Falls, the wind softly ruffling our feathers (hair) and the muted chirping of birds the background music to our quiet …

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The Secret Sunshine Club

By Hinda Leah Sharfstein |

 You can call us the Sunshine Girls. It may have been the first time we met, but we weren’t strangers. Yellow members of the SSC (Secret Sunshine Club), we spotted our club members (fellow yellow-wearers) an airport terminal away.  This Sunshine Club is anything but exclusive. We arrived and quickly befriended all the other colors …

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Saying Hello

By Hinda Leah Sharfstein |

So many trees. So much blue sky. And the twisting, winding roads that are always merging the two. Minnesota is warm now, but not too warm. The people here are filling in with a cozy friendliness that sticks to skin far longer (and far more pleasantly) than sweat does. Lubavitch House is empty–the hungry kind of …

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Not a goodbye, Just a see you later

By Emanuella Reznik |

Monday evening’s Un-Camp Banquet was full of inspiration, unity, and really good food. We were privileged to hear some of our friends share their thoughts on the incredible experiences of the last three weeks. Sarah K. shared some insights into this week’s Torah portion (pictured below). We learn from Parshas Matos that there are times when we …

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Warning: Intense Creativity Up Ahead

By Emanuella Reznik |

Our last Un-Camp Shabbos has come and gone, and we can’t believe we’re so close to parting ways. As the Havdallah candle burned, signifying the end of our day of rest, we wondered where the time had gone. As the age-old saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. And we never understood that as …

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Campers, corn fields, and cuddling…oh my!

By Emanuella Reznik |

Here at Un-Camp, we somehow managed to gather the 30 cutest human beings on the planet together for a three week adventure. It’s a pretty fantastic feat. So let’s meet one of these lovely ladies: Say hello to Shirly G., who hailed all the way from Atlanta, GA! What made you come to Un-Camp this …

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