All Fun and Play

By Hinda Leah Sharfstein |

Who knew four days could be packed with so much? We start our days with a thankful “Modeh Ani” in our davening groups, followed by the oh-so-intriguing Tanya class with Rabbi Friedman. From Elk Falls, 4th of July celebrations, visiting an elderly home, poetry, night swims, and our big trip to Hornby Island, UnCamp really …

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Hello Vancouver Island!

By Hinda Leah Sharfstein |

(Dalya Holder Photography:, Insta: dalyaorliphotography) Welcome to our beautiful home for the next 3 weeks, where everyday we wake up to this! The past few days have been packed with fun activities, bonding friends, and too many laugh attacks. But like we all know — pictures speak louder than words! Day 1: Fun airport pickup, …

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Exploring Watercolors with Aarah

By Sara Leah Krinsky |

It’s hard to explain how much of our UnCamp Experience revolves around art. Having Aarah as our art teacher is truly a gift. ‪We love you Aarah oh yes we do!!

Skatin’ ‘n’ Bladin’, Exporin’ n’ Learnin’

By Sara Leah Krinsky |

We skated ‘n’ bladed until we were dizzy. Explored “The Town” to see if Iowa is known for more than its cows 😉 And some of us even learned to read Hebrew.

What makes AN UNcamp?

By Sara Leah Krinsky |

Listening Here’s the discussion from last night’s class, sparked by what seemed like a pretty simple question: Q: If G-d is all around us, why can’t we see Him? A: G-d isn’t hiding to be difficult. If G-d didn’t hide, we would have lost interest a long time ago. G-d’s hiding because He wants to be …

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Pedal to the metal

By Sara Leah Krinsky |

Sunny Sunday. What better way to see the countryside.   What was it Albert Einstein said? “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, YOU MUST KEEP MOVING.” You’d think he’s been listening to class at the UnCamp. [/caption] what’s next?

Post-Shabbos fun

By Sara Leah Krinsky |

bonfire, guitar and s’mores. And bonding with our “shabbos baby.”

Heartwarming and soul-warming.

By Sara Leah Krinsky |

Candle lighting and pre-Shabbat class with the Rabbi  

Hello Jewish UnCamp! Welcome to Camp Tahigwa, Iowa.

By Sara Leah Krinsky |

Hey Tahigwa we’re here. Are you ready? Now that we’re here, let jump right in! Canoeing. Challah Baking. And just being upside down. Literally. Pretty much sums up our second day at ‪#‎JewishUncamp2016‬ Challah Baking and just plain upside down Ok that was day2. what’s next? Making memories with Aarah Try this: roll out a some …

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See You Later

By Hinda Leah Sharfstein |

On Tuesday, we were sugar addicts pulled over to the side of the road, licking the last few teaspoons of our pint-sized carton of ice cream, wistfully dreaming of more. On our last trip day, we did things we’ve tasted before. Clear skies mirrored in clear water. Acrylic paintbrushes dabbing expertly on blank canvases. Soft …

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