And the Un-Camp Diaries Continue

By Emanuella Reznik | July 8, 2014

And…we’re back! After a brief hiatus from the blog-iverse, the promised “What has that rabbi been telling my kid?” post has at long last arrived. But first, a quick note is necessary: It’s not exactly possible to capture Un-Camp classes in words. Or photos. Or paintings, or sculptures, or slam poetry. How exactly can you …

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Catch us – if you can

By Emanuella Reznik | July 3, 2014

Things at Un-Camp have been happening at rapid fire this week. Trip upon trip, activity upon activity– it’s hard to keep up. So, to keep you in the know, here are some highlights from the last few days. Sunday Our first Iowa trip landed us at a rollerblading rink in the middle of a corn …

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Not much rest, but a whole LOT of fun…

By Emanuella Reznik | June 30, 2014

Shabbos was a whirlwind of activity here at Tahigwa. We wish we could show you the flower arrangements we made for the table and the beautiful clothes we wore to honor the Shabbat queen, along with everything else. But alas, we can’t. But we can show you CHALLAH PICS! Mixing, braiding, and baking was a …

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Ready or not, Iowa, here we come!

By Emanuella Reznik | June 27, 2014

What a jam-packed few days! It seems like so much has happened in such a short span of time, and like all the best moments in life, you just had to be there to understand. But it’s already unfortunate enough that you weren’t, so we won’t keep you completely in the dark. As any first-period …

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No. It’s not the World Cup

By Emanuella Reznik | June 26, 2014

Slovakia. Germany. USA. Australia. Israel. No, we’re not at the World Cup. 4,973 miles away from Brazil, something more amazing than a group of men kicking a ball around has just begun– in good ol’ St. Paul, Minnesota. Yes, ladies and gentle-readers, the first day of Un-Camp has arrived (and the crowd goes wild!), bringing …

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UnCamp UnBlog 2014

By Sara Leah Krinsky | June 25, 2014

We’ll be blogging during Summer UnCamp 2014, so if you don’t end up coming (ouch), at least you’ll get to enjoy it vicariously. Stay tuned. The best is yet to come…

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